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Business Writing

Writing For Results Course

Develops business writing skills and English grammar

This practical course develops effective business writing skills with an emphasis on style, format, organization, word choice, grammar, and punctuation. Participants develop a reader-focused, results-oriented approach to writing as they practice crafting various types of documents required on the job. With expert guidance and group feedback, this hands-on training enables participants to write with clarity and impact.

Audience: People who speak English as their first language or who speak English-as-a-second-language at an intermediate to advanced level
Job Level: Hourly employees, technical professionals, leaders

This dynamic training enables participants to:

  • Plan, draft and revise work-related email and documents using an effective writing process
  • Adapt writing to suit a specific purpose, audience, context, and topic
  • Create clear, well-structured sentences and paragraphs
  • Design messages and documents that are visually appealing and easy to read
  • Communicate strategically, using key phrases to guide the reader
  • Use an appropriate, professional level of vocabulary
  • Write with flair using stylistic features such as parallel structure, cohesion, and positive language
  • Identify and edit errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation

Assessment Questionnaire

Fill in this brief questionnaire so we can understand the communication development requirements of people in your organization

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The course was excellent and helped me a lot. I can see and feel the changes in my writing.

Image Processor

I’ve learned a lot from the course! I’ve been applying what I’ve learned to my daily business writing. I’ve noticed that my writing is clearer and it’s been helpful at work.

Lead Application Software Developer

My writing has improved after this program . I appreciate the effort that Diane has made for me. This training gave me the opportunity to bring my work related writing to the instructor. Diane led me to the right path by way of discussions or hints. As a result, it became solid effective business writing, proven by prompt responses and good feedback from my manager.

Payroll & Benefits Administrator

The best thing about this course was getting corrections done on work-related sample emails and being able to discuss them in detail. Thank you for this helpful course, and thanks to Rob for being patient with me!

Bilingual Commercial Mortgage Funder

Overall it was a really good course. Karen was great and presented the material in a very professional way. She also gave us feedback in a professional way that was very beneficial and easy to understand.

Donor Relations Associate

In this training, my root cause was identified, and the instructor provided coaching to fix it. The best thing about the course is the personalized 1 on 1 feedback provided.

Project Manager

I really have to thank Rob for passing all his knowledge to us for better writing in English—using simple words, being expert, getting to the point, and keeping in mind who is reading your email, notes, or memos. He is kind and professional, and I really enjoyed his class.

Image Processor

The instructor was engaging and she kept us interested in the topics. I would sign up for another course with her without hesitation.

Donor Relations Associate

The course is really helpful to build my confidence in how I can express my purpose directly or indirectly and get a response back within an expected time period.

Senior QA Analyst

I highly recommend the course, very helpful. Susan gave me tons of pointers that I never learned from my previous writing business course.

Compliance Officer

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