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What kind of training does Gandy offer?

Gandy’s various communication courses develop team communication, presentation skills, pronunciation, business writing, meeting skills, or leadership communication.

Are Gandy courses for people who speak English as a second language, or first language?

Both! All six Gandy courses are suited to participants with an intermediate or advanced level of English as a second language. Four of the six courses also suit employees with English as their first language. This means you can offer Gandy training across your entire organization.

How do I bring up the topic of English training without offending employees?

Employees usually appreciate offers of support for their communication skills development. We recommend positioning Gandy courses as “an opportunity for highly valued employees to polish business communication skills.”

How do I know which courses are best for me or my organization?

A Gandy expert is ready to interview your organization’s learning leaders and learning candidates to understand their learning priorities and ensure appropriate courses are selected.

Do you offer customized courses?
Yes, each Gandy course is customized in-class to reflect participants’ work-related communication scenarios. In addition, Gandy’s learning experts can create new custom-designed courses and workshops based on your needs.
Does Gandy offer public courses?
No, each Gandy training group typically involves participants from the same organization. This frees learners to discuss and role play authentic work interactions without breaching confidentiality.
Where does the training take place?
Training happens in your workplace in the Greater Toronto Area and southern Ontario. Worldwide, training takes place online using Zoom or other live-video platform.
Are Gandy courses available virtually?
Yes, all Gandy courses can be successfully delivered by Zoom or other live-video platform of your choice.
How many learners can be trained at the same time?
Gandy can deliver training to a hundred or more learners in a single cohort, divided into smaller groups according to course choice and scheduling needs.
How long does it take to organize Gandy training?
Once we receive the names of approved participants, Gandy can carry out the assessment and registration and begin training in as little at two weeks. For small groups or one-to-one training, we can be ready to launch training in a matter of days.
How long is each Gandy course?
Each course involves 20 hours of training, typically offered in a series of ten weekly two-hour sessions. Gandy can also customize courses, workshops, and programs of shorter and longer duration.
How large is a Gandy learning group?
A group size of six to ten participants is ideal for group interaction that simulates workplace meetings. We can also accommodate larger and smaller group sizes.
Does Gandy offer one-to-one training?

Yes, one-to-one training is a great option for busy executives, leaders, and employees. It also allows more flexibility in customizing the training content and schedule.

How much progress can I expect by taking a Gandy course?
You can expect to see noticeable improvements in your workplace communication performance after completing a Gandy course. This means approximately a 20% improvement in the skill areas targeted in the course.
What kind of reporting is provided?
Each participant receives a progress report at the end of the course. Learning leaders receive a wrap-up report that includes attendance records, course evaluation findings, and participant comments.