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Team Communication

Speaking Strategies Course

Develops verbal skills needed for team and client interactions

Suited to employees with English as a second language, this engaging course develops speaking skills needed for greater productivity at work. Within the context of job-related scenarios, participants learn communication techniques for developing good working relationships, organizing and presenting information, and performing project work. This training also increases awareness of cultural variations in workplace communication and enhances spoken vocabulary, pronunciation, and confidence.

Audience: People who speak English-as-a-second-language at an intermediate level
Job Level: Hourly employees, technical professionals

This dynamic training enables participants to:

  • Speak with confidence in a business setting
  • Create rapport using small talk and effective conversational ‘give and take’
  • Enhance team relations by expressing encouragement, appreciation, suggestions, and relevant questions
  • Use appropriate structures and language when organizing ideas and information
  • Present information to suit specific audiences, settings, and purposes
  • Negotiate solutions using effective problem-solving language and techniques
  • Accomplish communication objectives using appropriate phrases
  • Accommodate cultural variations in workplace relationships and communication
  • Enunciate words clearly and use effective vocal tone and flow
  • Express ideas effectively using business vocabulary and idioms

Assessment Questionnaire

Fill in this brief questionnaire so we can understand the communication development requirements of people in your organization

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I would like to thank Susan for her support and patience that she had with me throughout my classes. I appreciate her interactive style of teaching and friendly behavior. She motivated me every time in each class and to do more than I always do by unlocking my potential. I like the way my classes were organized. I like her enthusiasm, and the fact that she was always punctual and for staying overtime with me for each class. Just letting you know her hard work is much appreciated.

Mailroom Coordinator

I really enjoyed the course; it provided me more tools to use at work. I love the gambits, what a great tool! The best thing I liked about the course is the interaction between the students to practice what we learn in the class. Also, I liked that the instructor would correct us whenever a word or phrase was not pronounced correctly during our sessions.


Great instructor and great course overall! Rob is great by building rapport and involving everyone in the conversation; textbook has samples language to use, which can be directly applied in work; textbook has footnotes demonstrating idioms which are highly helpful for non-native speakers.


I liked that Jessica clearly cared about the students’ success and involvement in the class. I also liked the way she taught the course with enthusiasm every day and kept the us engaged in the class. Jessica was very quick to work with and get back to students who were in need of help.

Senior QA Analyst

I really enjoyed this training, and the techniques I learned in this training are very helpful in my day-to-day life. Also, Richard helped me to analyse the issues with my speaking and suggested lot of techniques to overcome these issues. Thank you, Richard. The best thing I like about this course is the weekly presentations and feedbacks from instructor and other participants. This helped me to identify the problems in my speaking and was able to focus on those areas. Also, I was able to learn lot of gambits that we can use in daily conversations.

Advisory Application Developer

First of all, I like the way in which each topic in the course has been organized (presentation of the topic, the introduction of the strategies, and discussion about the topic using the strategies). In the second place, I liked the fact that the course has a huge emphasis in exercising the gambits and strategies learned in each topic. I just wanted to thank Rob for all his time and patience during this course. I really appreciate not just the time he invested on me, but also the passion and enthusiasm he placed in every single session. I really enjoyed the course.

Warehouse/Parts Counter Worker

This is a very useful and helpful course for me, especially for people whose English is their second language. I learnt a lot from this course and used it at my workplace. It worked right away. I liked this course very much because it taught us what kind of strategy we should use to make people feel comfortable when we talk to them. Building the relationship can make our communication go well, and accordingly make our future teamwork much easier.

Senior Infrastructure Database Admin

Two of my team recently completed the training, and I have seen noticeable improvement – both written and verbal skills have improved, and challenging conversations are managed artfully. They reported back that the course was insightful, helped them to find ways to overcome challenges, that were simple to adopt. I’m seeing it in practice every day.

Senior Manager, Enterprise Security Administration

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