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Presentation Skills

Speaking To Groups Course

Develops speaking skills for meetings and brief presentations

This hands-on course develops effective speaking skills for meetings and brief, informal presentations. Participants learn to organize and present ideas confidently using various presentation styles and strategies. This training develops the clear enunciation, key phrases, voice dynamics, non-verbal skills, and cultural awareness that enhance audience connection and interaction. Each session includes group discussions or mini-presentations, some of which may be video-recorded.

Audience: People who speak English as their first language or who speak English-as-a-second-language at an intermediate to advanced level
Job Level: Hourly employees, technical professionals, leaders

  • Prepare effective presentations using the P.R.E.P. formula and other templates
  • Organize ideas in the North American linear style, using an outline, bullet points, and parallel structure
  • Highlight main ideas using stylistic techniques such as repetition and focus words
  • Capture, maintain and redirect audience attention using techniques such as questions words, ‘hooks’ and ‘zingers’
  • Speak concisely on a topic while including an appropriate level of detail for a specific audience
  • Manage discussion flow using key phrases to ask for clarification, express an opinion, disagree politely, etc.
  • Add speaking impact with dynamic patterns of intonation, rhythm, stress, phrasing, and pausing
  • Communicate with appropriate loudness, voice quality, speaking speed, and non-verbal cues
  • Pronounce key words clearly in presentations and discussions
  • Adjust presentations to suit listeners’ individual preferences and intercultural communication styles

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It’s a great course and Diane is a fantastic and passionate instructor! I believe those tools and ideas I have learnt throughout last 10 weeks will be a great asset for my future career.

Associate Director

I found the course to be very informative and enjoyable with real life experience sharing. The material covered was paramount and addressed areas of concern that we all experienced thus provided real life samples and a meaningful results-oriented approach on improving the language barrier with emphasis on becoming a more confident, persuasive and affable speaker.

Director, Performance Testing Services

I would definitely recommend this course to others who would like to improve their group speaking strategies. I not only learned various techniques of speaking in a group, but also learned how to become an effective listener. By practising more during class with the help of my instructor, I became more and more confident as a speaker and as an audience.

Advisory Application Developer

It was an effective learning and I can already see the difference in my approach of speaking in meetings.

IT Audit and Governance Consultant

I have learned speaking skills and earned confidence of speaking in the group from this course. Before I took this course, I was always uncomfortable to speak in team meetings even in the meetings I organized. So, I didn’t have any confidence that I can go through a short presentation or debate with other colleagues on the issues. But after I experienced a few presentations in the class, I got more confident about my speaking skills in English. Ms. Leslie is such a kind instructor. She always considered students’ individual requirements and adjusted contents to meet all I need. All those are very helpful to improve my English in future.

Senior Manager

Overall, this is a great course. Instead of just talking to all participants in general, this course focused on each individual. Each participant had a lot of opportunities to practice during the classes and also after the classes. The instructor was deeply involved and provided significant support and effective feedback to each participant all the time.

Associate Director

The instructor provided valuable insights and teachings using my real business situations. This is one of the best business communication courses that I have ever taken. It not only improved my communication skills, but also increased my self-awareness and the awareness of others.

Director, Finance

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