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Clear Pronunciation

Sounds of English Course

Develops clear pronunciation and melodious speech

Designed for individuals who speak English as a second language, this course develops clear, melodious speech patterns. Accurate enunciation is highlighted, with a focus on the mouth positions and airflow patterns of Canadian English vowel and consonant sounds. Melodic patterns and voice dynamics are also addressed, with attention to rhythm, stress, intonation, linking, phrasing, rate of speech and voice projection. The effectiveness of this group training is enhanced by detailed individual diagnostic assessments and by supplementary home-study using course audio materials and online lab.

Audience: People who speak English-as-a-second-language at a basic to advanced level
Job Level: Hourly employees, technical professionals, leaders

This comprehensive training enables participants to:

  • Enunciate Canadian English vowel and consonant sounds clearly in words and sentences
  • Pronounce multi-syllabic words with accurate syllable stress
  • Read and speak with appropriate sentence rhythm
  • Enhance listener connection with effective intonation and tone of voice
  • Improve speech flow with attention to linking, pausing, and sense grouping
  • Speak with confidence using appropriate volume, voice quality, and projection
  • Speak at a comfortable speed

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It is a very good training for me. Especially Heather's excellent teaching skills and courteous personality has helped me tremendously through out my journey in this training.

IT Solutions Designer

I took couple of courses regarding my pronunciation and did not believe my strong accent would be corrected until taking Sounds of English provided by Gandy. My instructor Karen utilized her extensive knowledge and strong expertise in my training program. My dream has come true! I am very close to speaking Canadian English, and this has been noticed by my colleagues and friends. I liked the way the instructor inserted her recording and comments into my recording (homework) right after each word or sentence so that I can make corrections right away.

Payroll and Benefits Administrator

Thinking over this course, I’ve realized there are so many things I’ve learned. I have actually learned more at this class than in any other English class in previous years (sorry to previous teachers who may read this, no offense!) There’s just so much I’ve learned thus far. The first is the pronunciation. Karen told us where to put our tongue. She checked everyone’s tongue to ensure we put it correctly. She told us the rules by which the letter is pronounced differently at different places. The second is the rhythm. She said speaking English is like singing a song. That’s very helpful. She told us where to speak with high volume, and where to speak quickly and low volume. She also told us how to link the words together to make it speak smoothly. The third one is the pause. She told us where to group the words, and where to pause. This is very important for us, which makes us speak comfortably. This also makes the listener feel comfortable. There are many things I have learned from this course. I feel that overall this was a very productive course and a great learning experience.

Senior Infrastructure Database Admin

It is an awesome course and I do find myself more confident in front of the client!

Market Underwriter

I really enjoyed Jessica’s classes, and her way of teaching was great. The assignment feedback was to the point and very useful. Having the written and spoken version of the lessons helped me to come back, review and guide me again on how the vowels/consonants/words are pronounced. I think the teacher and the materials from the course were excellent. My colleagues have been able to notice a difference in the clarity and pace of my conversation.

Senior Application Developer

It’s a really good class. Through the 10 sessions, I improved my pronunciation, including the vowels, consonants, diphthongs and stress patterns. I can express my ideas more clearly. And I’m more confident when I talk to clients at meetings or conference calls.

Advisory Application Developer

This course is the best training on spoken English I have ever received. I would recommend whoever has English as a Second Language to take this course.

Senior Director, Balance Sheet & Liquidity Management

This is the best English pronunciation course I have ever taken. I have learned so much from this 10-week program, and have greatly improved my speech patterns by focusing on syllable stress and sentence rhythm. Special thanks to instructor Karen who is knowledgeable, diligent and patient, and I benefited greatly from her wonderful teaching and homework feedback. I’m confident that I will continue to improve my English speaking after the course as I was given all the tools necessary for my further development. I highly recommend this course to anyone who speaks English as a second language. Tips for future students: practice, practice and practice! The course teaches us how to make the right sound and do the correct syllable stress and sentence rhythm, etc., but we need practice to change our previous habits and master the teachings permanently.

Director, Finance

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