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Would you like to see team members present succinct project updates? Do you dream of emails that are so clear they are answered promptly without any confusion? Are you eager for your quieter team members to speak up in meetings? Would stronger communication skills enable your technical professionals to thrive in customer interactions? Are cultural style differences getting in the way of harmonious teamwork? Do some of your top performers need a communication-skills boost to advance into leadership?

High-performing teams are essential for your organization’s success, and in a culturally diverse setting, clear communication is key. That’s where Gandy Associates comes in. Gandy’s passion is enhancing the mission-critical English communication skills of your valued employees and leaders so your business can thrive.

We care deeply about helping internationally trained professionals make the most of their talents through well-targeted business English training. And it doesn’t stop there. We strongly believe business communication training and intercultural awareness across your whole organization positions you on the leading edge of productivity, engagement, and innovation.

Our satisfaction comes in knowing your workplace meetings are running more efficiently and employees are now confident to share their innovative ideas. We take great pleasure when participants’ emails and reports become well-organized, on-point, and grammatically accurate because that means miscommunication is avoided and time saved.

It’s gratifying when Gandy participants gain insight into culturally diverse styles and interact more harmoniously with their colleagues and customers. Thoughtful interactions make a difference to the quality of life at work—and to your business bottom line. And we get especially excited when we see participants expanding their work roles and advancing in their careers on the strength of their new communication skills.

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